It’s easy to get started!


WESTCO offers a few easy financing options that 

you can combine if needed or apply for one.

SNAP Finance is a customer favorite because of

its easy to qualify for terms and the ability to use it in

many places! Apply for SNAP today and enjoy the benefits!


Apply and be approved


Fill out a simple application by clicking this link APPLY. It’s fast and

convenient!Once you’ve submitted your application, it only takes

seconds to know if you’ve been approved. And since they approve

nearly 80%  of those that apply, your chances are good!



Download your funds INSTANTLY


Once you’ve been approved, you can download your funds instantly as a virtual card. No one else offers No Credit Needed financing with this kind of personal freedom. Snap gives you more! When you’re ready to purchase, show your phone to our store manager and they’ll key in your card number to complete your purchase. It’s that easy!


EasyPay Benefits for You:

Save money:
90-day interest rebate means if customers pay off their balance

in 90 days, they get a full interest rebate***


Apply for Easy Pay by clicking  APPLY


No money needed upfront:
You can finance with $0 down today

No surprises:
Fully transparent contracts

Enjoy rewards and not penalties:
Customers aren’t penalized for paying off a contract early,

and if they pay it off in 90 days they get a full interest rebate*

Build positive credit:
By making timely payments in full 

Cover big repairs:
Financing for up to $5,000 in repairs

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