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Popular Services

Semi & Full Synthetic Oil Changes

Oil changes include oil, a new oil filter, washer fluid top off, tire check & a digital  safety inspection.

Battery Testing & Service

Battery Testing & Service

Battery & alternator charging systems tests, battery service and replacement with in stock batteries. 

Diesel Cars & Trucks

The big 3 brands with Ford Power Stroke, GM Duramax & the Chrysler/ Dodge Cummins including Workhorse and Freightliner. We can service and repair all your Diesel vehicles!

Suspension & Brakes

Suspension & Brakes

Pads, rotors, hardware, calipers, drum brakes, control arms, ball joints, struts & shocks, rack and pinions & more!

Major & Minor Engine

Major & Minor Engine

Timing belts & chain service and replacements, oil leaks, engine upgrades and replacements, gaskets and more!

Digital Inspections

Digital & Printed Inpsections

Pre purchase inspections, DOT inspections, Safety Inspections, Uber & Lyft inspections, we do them all! 

Electrical & Technology

Electrical & Technology

Electrical and short diagnostics, parasitic draws, PATS/Security issues, PCM & module programming & more!

Drive Line & Transmission

Driveline & Transmission

Replacement and or rebuild of transmissions, T Cases, front and or rear differentials, drive shafts, u joints and more!

Customer Vehicle Valet

We offer FREE pick up and delivery for our retail and Fleet customers, most addresses are Free within 3 miles or shop, call for more info!

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